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Inital Breakout on Regimen?

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I've been using the regimen for about a week and at first it made my face feel really clean and smoothed my acne and I was feeling really good about it but then after a few days I got horrible cysts. Before I had 1-2 small cysts but now I have 5-6. Some of them are really hard and unpoppable and others are small and yellow.

I know on the what to expect it says there's an initial breakout but this is worse than any breakout I've ever had. Is this normal?

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yes, some people do experience breakouts in the beginning.


Continue on with the Regimen, and be sure to not pick or squeeze or otherwise bother the new spots. Gentle is key with this.

How much bp are you using at this point? If you are new to bp you should be at about 1/2 finger or so during the second week. If your skin is tolerating that okay, go ahead and increase it up and hopefully clear those new spots up.

Hang in there!!

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Ok thanks Brandy. Yeah I've been using about a half finger just so my skin doesn't get too dried out.

Guess it's worth having a couple weeks of really bad breakouts to eventually have clearer skin. Also is the initial breakout due to the BP pulling the bacteria to the top of the skin? Or was I misinformed?

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I don't know the technical reason that some people experience breakouts early on. It is likely those were spots that had been developing under the skin before you even began the CSR.

Regardless, most people find that continuing on with the CSR will eventually clear those new spots up, and you should gradually get less and less and they will tend to heal quicker, until the situation is under control. It can take up to around 3 months or so to get that cycle broken and under control, so hang in there!

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when i 1st started it was around 1month before new pimples were a thing of the past.

its 1of those things i guess, you feel like the regimen isnt working an that its a waste of time.

then over 1-2months your skin sorta clears up totally an ur like "wow that was unexpected"

an for a few weeks ur sorta thinking "cant be long til i get another"

but u get like 1 or 2 every sorta 3weeks hehe.

then it starts to be good :D

then (this is what i did hehe) i quit the regimen as a test to see how my skin would react, and it didnt like it

within 4days i had LOTS of little pimples on my chin, prob about 10-15 small ones but ONLY on chin (area i applied bp) so my face looked shite)

anyway now im almost 2weeks BACK on the regimen after my lil test and clearing up again hehe.

so technically im a new starter again even tho im not :D hhehee

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