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different acne compared to previous years

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hey I need some help here. Is it common for acne to change and hit different areas of the face throughout the years? Like go from the cheeks, to the chin, to the sides, and to the forehead, and go from smaller active pimples to bigger inflammed pustules and papules, and vice versa.

Ok and heres one major question I have, and am curious why this is... Previous years, I would have pretty bad acne, and during the course of the active pimples, they would appear, be inflammed, go away, and come back again in the same general area like a few weeks later. And i was used to that. But it would never leave any redmarks behind. So basically aside from the inflammed active pimples that I had, the rest of my face would be clear. So on the days after most of my active acne went away, I would have a pretty clear looking face before the new pimples started showin up again. But within the past 6 months to a year, I have less inflammed pimples showing up, and when they do appear, they go away quickly (which is a good thing). But now some of them leave redmarks, so I have quite a few red marks left behind, especially on my forehead. So within the past 4 years, I went from having more active and inflammed acne with the rest of my face being clear, to having less active and inflammed acne, but having lots of redmarks. I dont fuckin get it, why is that!!

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There is no answer to your question. Nobody knows. You should stop worrying about why your acne moves around and start thinking about how to stop it from appearing in the first place.

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I would guess it is related to age. When I'm 16-18, there is no red marks even on those that I poked and bleed. But at 28, even if I don't pop/bleed, there is red marks. Our skin cell/body turnover rate has slowed and not as active as in 16-18. To fade the marks leftover, I'm using scar remover with vit A plus Allantoin content. Been on it for 6 weeks and seeing improvement.

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