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Aussie Boy #5555

Another log from Downunder!

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accutane is amazing isnt it?? remember me? we started around the same time. i know what you mean... i barely ever come back because I'm been completely clear for months. yea, its a wonderful thing to have nice skin. it's just nice not to have to worry about a huge zit every day. @$&[email protected] that sucks!! anyway, as for me, lips are pretty freakin dry too, but i just use lip balms all day and live with that. sometimes they are worse than other times. good to hear u're doing well. the side effects improve once u stop tane i hear... hopefully my skin wont get bad again.

my doctor said that people who have a good response earlier in the treatment are much less likely to have to take a second course. i doubt i will ever need a second course as my skin is doing great and i was never terribly bad to start with. (some people have really serious acne compared to what i had)

anyway gl m8

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good to hear things are going good for you. I was just bumped up to 40 mg not too long ago also, and we're only like less than a month apart, lets hope we both have great results :D

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hey guys and girls

after a long time im BACK! i spent an amazing year in japan in 2007 and it was 99% trouble free as far as my skin was concerned ... i had beautiful skin pretty much the entire time i was there.

unfortunately since maybe 2 months ago my skin has started to get a few spots here and there again and while it's nowhere NEAR as bad as before my roaccutane course in 2006, i feel like maybe a 2nd course might be in order.

im off to the GP now to get a referral for the dermatologist, so maybe i'll be back on this drug within a week or so, depending on what the dermo says and my bloodwork results.

does anyone know the percentage of 'tane users who end up needing a 2nd or 3rd course?

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cheers mate

got my referral no worries, now to make an appointment with the dermo. i did the math in my head ... last time i started on July 13th and finished November 26th-ish, and the redness had faded by pretty much two months after the course finished. So six months start to finish; hopefully by late September i'm looking good again :)

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off to the dermo's tomorrow morning ... and i'm a little bit worried. my skin has cleared up quite a bit over the last week by itself, and after spending most of today in the ocean it's looking pretty good ...

the problem is it's so cyclical; it comes and goes and i don't want the dermo to see it at it's best condition, he might not think i need the tane again! aargh

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My doctor prescribed me 1 month of a 3 month course of Oratane (Isotretinoin). After a long, hard month with side effects and depression my acne started clearing up. I decided not to take the second month and see how it goes. After the 2nd week, my acne started coming back badly. So i decided to get another months supply. Im now on my 2nd week and none of the side effects are coming? My acne is just as bad and i feel i nothing happening as in the first month. I wanted to know if id made a huge mistake by stopping treatment for those two weeks. and what i should do to get the medication to work again like it did in the first month.?????

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