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I'm getting really sick of my derm... She really doesnt care- All she asks me is " what are you using for your face?" and Ive been saying every single time for the past YEAR " Tazorac and triaz" and then thats the end of the appointment...I try to tell her that things arent working, but she doesnt seem to listen- she just says " keep up what your doing, things will go away by themseleves, the redness will fade over time, It really does work!, and OH THINGS LOOK SO MUCH BETTER"( when they dont! ) My goal is to be clear by the time school starts ( in like 3 months) but it seems hopeless- should i just ditch her?

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Absolutely! She doesn't sound like much help at all. You might want to check her credentials, she sounds like she needs to go back to medical school! It's so hard to find a good doctor these days :) . After a year she should realize that your current regimen isn't working for you and change it. Definitely get a second opinion. Goodluck!

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she's not open or receptive to anything? wtf

definately ditch her if that's the case, my derms were awesome they listened to everything I said and didn't ignore me

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