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i use st.ives gentle scrub , retina then rotate each night with Duac , and Neutroegna healthy skin AHA spf15 at night.

my skin has gotten better and ive been using it for 2-3 months but im not fully clear? , i only have 2 active pimpalls on my forehead , but i also do have lil bumps , i have 2-3 redmarks on each cheek. my chin is my worst area basicly... i have like 10 lil cysts under my skin and once in a while one comes out but then another appears ;{[[ what to do , should i get a more gentle cleanser? or just use 2.5 bp instead of 5% ( it has clidnamian or something )

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Don't use a scrub daily because it's bad for your skin and make you should try the plain Neutroegna spf 15 lotion. The AHA lotion could be affecting your skin and don't rotate instead use one product in the morning and one at night. I suggest the retin a at night because of the whole sun thing. That's what I do I use to two prescribes to get rid of my mild acne. In addition, you need to give retin a about 6 months for clear skin. So yes get a gentle cleanser. I use dove soap and it clear my face up but maybe you want try that purpose bar or basis bar . I hear good reviews on them.

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i use to use dove sensitivbe skin soap but i found out it contains to many oilsand was scared that was clogging my pores. can i use a scrub 2-3 a weeks?

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Okay if you never really try dove soap because you were afraid than I suggest you try it because I was afraid too when I first try it. A doctor told me about and I that she was crazy because putting soap on you face is bad. However, she was right and mixed with retin a is amazing. Just give a chance and if it does work then try something else. You never know it might clear your face up and you can use a scrub once or twice a week. Also you should do a whole facial routine if going to scrub and that's cleanser then scrub and soak a small towel in warm water then put that over your face then mask and wash off and moistuzier. I use to do this alot and it was fun but I want to go to the spa now because they pick your blackheads for you. Cleanser that are good for the face:

dove cloths :cool:

oil of olay cloths

cvs brand cleansers

aveda cleansers


phisoderm soap



Ten-O-Six Deep Pore Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin ( the best and people been using this for years)

Oxy 10 Maximum Strength Acne Wash

DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser

Stridex Anti-Bacterial Foaming Wash

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I would recommend the ten cleanser or noxzema or oxy because alot of man I know seem to use them and said they cleared their face up very well. lol I spell moisturizer wrong on the first page must be tired.

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