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last night, an experiment

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alright, last night i was tired so i decided to try an experiment: let's not put tazorac gel on tonight and see how that goes.

this morning i woke up, washed my face, and my skin looked horrible!

i didn't exactly get any new pimples or anything but my skin looked very unhealthy, kind of grey.

and the worst part, EVERY scar that i had on my face was extremely visible.

well i could also put into consideration that i stayed up until about 2 am in the morning...

but what is this? a coincidence?

should i be thanking tazorac that it helps my skin SO much

or shunning it for making me dependant on it?

PS: i also did not use my salicylic acid lotion that night

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yea, i would agree, tazorac did not help me that much either (so i stopped it) + it smells bad to me


Alright went out jogging.. and skin color came back but still not looking so great.

as for the sleeping late thing i had this one experience a month back.

i was in a relay for life event where you go as a team and at least one member of your team has to be walking around a track at ALL times for 24 hours. this was some event to fight cancer or something.

so anyways i stayed up until about 6 in the morning before going to sleep for like 2 hours

when i got home later that day (midday) i looked in the mirror before i showered and WOW. my skin looked amazing! scars weren't visible, color was fine. that night i didn't even wash my face, much less put on any creams or anything.


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