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Help me find an answer to this please

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Since my 1st topic yielded not one reply I will try again.

I suffer from mild acne and acne dysmorphia but recently developed 2 large spots on my forehead which were pale red but about 1 cm each way and hard.

One of the spots was popped and ended its life cycle but Im left with a swelling around where the spot was of around 1.5 inches by 1 inch. It is not easily noticable but doesnt notice when pointed out, it looks like Ive bashed my head and its raised.

one on my forehead exactly the opposite side was a spot that has also faded but is also swelled to around half a inch by 1 cm but that one is still a bit red.

Can anyone tell me what type of spots these are, also what I can do about the swelling on the dead spot.

I use BP cream, take lots of zinc and water, but am not sure what else I can be doing.



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Hi Soadfan!

The two large spots that you say are pale red and raised might be little cysts. In this case, do not pop them! I know it may feel like it's the right thing to do or else it wont go away. But it can lead to severe scarring. I have had to learn this the hard way. If there is just two of them, I would recommend spot treating them with BP or SA to dry them up. And as far as the swelling goes, I use a cream with hydrocortisone in it. It helps with the swelling and the redness. I have a prescription for the hydrocortisone, but I know if you go to the drug store they also have hydrocortisone cream both in the acne aisle as well as the aisle with all of the bandaids..neosporin..etc...

Hope this helps!

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Ok thanks for the advice on reducing the swelling, one of them is no longer red because I had popped it and its dried and faded due to BP but the skin coloured swelling remians although its not easily noticable but is still there. Looks like ive walked into a door.

The other is following the same pattern as it.

I thought Cysts were the ones that never came up to a poppable head or is that Nodules?



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