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allergic to benzoyl peroxide!!!

I have had acne (moderate) since I was 11. In my teens, my dermatologist and I got the acne under control either using benzoyl peroxide or Sulfacet with antibiotics. In recent years (I am now 21), my acne has changed. I now break out on my chin and neck, instead of my forehead like when I was younger. In the last year I have developed a SEVERE allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide. When I use any topical treatment containing bp, my face swells up, turns bright red and itches like CRAZY!! My dermatologist is impossible to get into see so I don't know what to do! Every OTC treatment either contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, so I'm at an impasse. I tried Murad Complex since it doesn't contain bp but have had no results even after 6 weeks. Is there any other chemical or medication out there that might work for me? Does anyone else have an allergy to bp? It seems like this allergy is rare. Especially since I didn't develop this allergy until recently. Someone please help!!!



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You might have to use a retinoid or perhaps even accutane. Otherwise, you could probably try other antibiotics, but in my opinion, that's just putting of the inevitable.

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I'm also alergic to BP. It is VERY annoying.

I tried everything else including antibiotics (which did nothing) - but have in the end just decided to go on Accutane.

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