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accutane blood tests

ummm i have moderatley bad acne when i break out and i have been on tetracycline and minocycline and wanted to try accutane. the only thing stopping me is the blood tests. does anyone kno if marijuana shows up on these monthly blood tests. because im 16 and marijuana has helped me balance my life and ive been doing it for 4 years and my parents dont kno so i dont wanna scare them. please take me seriously

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Simply, no, it won't.

The derm has to request certain types of tests and THC levels are not one of them (I think THC tests require more blood to be taken out than what usually is taken for accutane tests so they would be inconclusive anyway). I've also heard that it is illegal for him/her to request certain tests without your permission?

This has just been based of what I've heard from similar threads by the way...

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yeah, that will make him stop. gah.

anyway, no, it will not show on your blood tests.


you should reconsider going on accutane if weed is the only thing keeping you "balanced"

often people with previous issues who go on accutane will have their own issues come up, escalate, and assume/blame it on the drug.

maybe wait until your life is a bit more stable and then try accutane?

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