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confused and not sure

Hi all new member here! as a young teen (13-16) i had a few pimples, mainly just blackheads on my forehead but at about 17 it started to spread down the side of my face and eventually my cheeks and i started to get it on my back and chest. So my doctor prescribed dianne 35 as i wasnt to keen to go on roaccutane just yet because im heavily involved in sport and apparently the drug weakens cartilage/joints. So i have almost finished the first cycle and have already noticed an improvement especially on my forehead, and after an initial bad breakout on my cheeks/side of face they are clearing up slowly. What im worried about however is on one side of my neck, just below my jaw line. There are several deep feeling "balls" under the skin im not sure what they could be. They are very painful. Before the medication the heads on them were present but you could still feel these hardened "balls" underneath them. Now there are no heads, the surface of the skin is smoother, still very red however but i can still feel about 7 balls under the skin. The entire area is about 5cm2.

Also my chest/back acne hasnt started to clear at all. all im using on these areas at the moment is normal soap and i exfoliate them every day.

Any help/ideas greatly appreciated

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Hi! maybe you should try accutane anyway?? it sounds like you have kind of severe acne and maybe accutane would help... if you really don't want to take it go back to the doctor so you can get a good topical treatment... it would deffinatly help more then soap i think. well, good luck!! :)

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Thanks for your reply! Could you or anyone else recommend a good body wash for my back? My face has cleared up almost completly now which im really happy about! Its a little bit dry however. Am assuming this is mostly form the cream im using or perhaps from the dianette. Does anyone have a good moisturiser they would like to tell me about! I dont want one thats going to bring back my pimples again :( thanks again!

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