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How much Zinc is to much??

For the past 5 days I have been taking 50MG of Zinc, with no other supplements. And for the past 4 days I have felt like crap. My head hurts, I feel hot as hell, I'm tired, and dizzy...

Could these symptoms be from taking to much zinc?? :confused:

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if your taking it by itself it can cause nausea and crapness. take it with some food, whenever i take zinc wihtout anything in my stomach i vomit :hand: . also if your taking zinc you should also take copper supplement (you can get them together sometimes) as the zinc causes a copper deficiancy.

look it up on google lol. and yeah 50mg is a bit much to be taking.

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RDI for zinc in australia is 12mg

and it would be similar worldwide

50mg would be an overdose

u don't need that much

minerals u rili only need enough to prevent deficiency

and as headturner4 said, zinc toxicity can lead to copper deficiency

i suggest you stop taking it especially if u feel unwell now...it may be caused by zinc toxicity

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Symptoms of overdose of zinc are:




gastrointestinal problems

stomach ulcers


hair loss

join pains

menstrual pain

muscle cramps

ovarian cyst

weaked immune system


0-6 months 3mg

6-12 months 5mg

1-10 years 10mg

11-18 years 15mg

18 years +15mg

Therapeutic Range: 10 - 200mg (this is only if you have a diagnosed zinc deficiency)

Zinc is not only an inhibitor of copper but of iron, selenium, calcium, niacine as well

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If you are getting bad symptoms from any supplement you are taking (such as Zinc), definitely stop taking it.

The main problem with supplements is that your body can't self-regulate their intake using things like cravings and taste. Therefore, it's very easy to take too much or too little of a supplement.

If you are eating all natural foods however, it is highly unlikey you will overdose on nutrients such as Zinc because your body will tell you to stop eating when you have had enough.

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