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Hi guys,

I am just checking in. Finally the B5 kicked in as I upped the dosage, last week. I now have ZERO breakouts. My skin isn't oily anymore! I went out to dinner the other night with confidence! I am also taking minocycline, duac, retin-A and zinc. So how don't these product are clearing me? Well, stupid me- didn't relieze the day before yesterday that I was running low on B-5 pills. So yesterday- I was a day without any B5, needless to say,--one day off, and my skins oiliness has returned and so have a couple blackheads.

As I picked up some B5, this morning my oiliness has lowered once again!

I write this as just a testament that B5 really does work, and I recommend everyone who has not tried it yet, to give it a shot. You'd be amazed at what it might do for you.

I also found that taking dosages as

5 pills in the morning

5 pills in the mid morning

5 pills in the early afternoon

and 5 pills late afternoon

works better than just taking 10 morning and 10 night.

Good luck.

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i can handle higher self confidence, a great complexion, lower stress in exchange for 5 minutes a day taking b5 pills.

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WOW 20 pills man buy the end of 5 i wouldnt even be able to swallow another but i can swallow 3 at a time so it wouldnt be that hard.....anyways im tying loma lux acne pills ill post back (make a new topic) in a month on my progress....oh yea and did i tell you its only 3 pills a day :dance:

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