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Not new here but 1st time poster, need help!

Hi there,

My name is Rob im 20 and Live in Essex U.k

Ive never really had terrible skin, but I do however suffer from a medical condition known as Acne Dysmorphia and will stress the hell out of myself if I have as little as 1 or 2 medium sized spots.

So much so that I used to get Panic attacks, (before I started taking medication for this).

The acne I suffer from is mostly small to medium sized pustules that generally have predictable lifespans and actions. I mostly get them around my moustach area forehead and sides of the chin... Strangely enough without wishing to tempt fate I have never EVER had a spot on my cheeks, and I notice how dry my cheeks always have been and wonder if this is why.

Recently however I developed 2 spots on my forehead, of a large side, but not a harsh red colour, one of which produced a bump on my fdorehead around a square inch in size, however only a small amount of it was actually red so it didnt look awful, but it looked like I had bashed my head.

The other one looked more like a spot but was a lot less of a bump, it has since died down and the larger one has since been popped ( an incredibly nice feeling) However the swelling still hasnt gone properly down.. It now no longer notices as a spot as such, just redness where I used BP and the swelling which looks like Ive been thumped. Anyone got any idea what I can do?

Will time heal this or should I use ice or just leave it?

I do take zinc tablets and eat very healthy and drink plenty of water and in fact apart from this I dont have much in the way of spots but if they were to come up red again they would be very noticable as huge lumps.

Has anyone ever had a spot lump of this size which has stayed around after the spot has been popped.

Its hard for me to give good impressions of how my face would compare as with having dsymorhpia it puts a grey picture on everything.

Hope someone can help me and will put some pics up when I can.


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