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Washing powder

I did not find any research related to this topic, but I have a strong suspicion that washing powder residue can affect acne (if not the cause). Any experience? Have you heared about any natural washing powder (maybe it is a stupid question but who knows)?

Could acne be caused by detergent residue in clothing and linen?

Yes, absoluetly. But only if you're sensitive to the detergent already. There are lots of hypo-allergenic and sensitive skin detergents on the market. I don't think it's a "cause" per se, but it probably affects the acne of people who are sensitized to certain residues in detergents. If you're really worried about it, try a less irritating detergent and run the rinse cycle twice and see if that helps.

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My experience; I went to visit my grandma for a week and did some laundry using her detergent. During that week, I broke out in comedones on my upper back, which I never have. I thought...oh great, now I'm getting bacne..., but within a week of coming home and switching back to my 'all natural' detergent, the bumps on my back disappeared.

I've also gotten a bumpy rash on my neck which disappeared after switching to a different (very mild) shampoo. I was even using an 'all natural' shampoo without sodium laurel sulfate, but apparently something in it was irritating me because I had eczema like stuff on my neck and ear lobe which went away promptly when I switched to Uncle harry's shampoo....worth looking into....

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i have had the same suspicion... well my mother did anyway XD

soo... any detergent recomendations? o.O

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