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How I got rid of my bacne and "chest"ne

Hey guys, I used to have really bad bacne, and acne all over my chest. A dermatoligist gave me all the oral stuff (except accutane)... but I would still get huge cysts and really inflamed papules that hurt like the devil if I leaned back in a chair or wore a bra too tight. I got prescribed Retin-A at some point, but my face couldn't handle it... I have fair, sensitive skin. One day I got the thought, "Well, if I have this tube of stuff lying around why not use it on my back and chest? They said it wouldn't work because the skin is too thick, but it might be just right since my face skin seems to be too thin." Well, I had my mom help me apply it to my entire back at night, and voila! after three or four months it was gone (just in time for my junior prom) and hasn't returned. Yeah, I get a pimple every now and then (usually on the back of my shoulder where my bra straps touch me) but I don't even notice it because they're so small and don't hurt at all. If you have sensitive face skin (or not, who knows?) a topical retinoid might just do the trick for you. For me the only thing was I had to have it EVERY NIGHT... my skin would peel but it was always under a shirt so I didn't care. Anyone else had a similar experience?

BTW, this worked great on my back and chest but I still have face problems... So I know that's what cleared me up.

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I was just thinking about using Retin-A for my body acne! I'll give it a try.

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