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If Antibiotics only work for a short period of time what to try next?

I'm sick of using antibtiocs. My skin will have acne at first and then will clear for 3 months before the acne comes back and the cycle starts over again.

I go on the medicine and for 3 months my skin is as clear as possible. Then after every 6 months I go back to the derm for something else because my acne keeps coming back

I've been on minocycline twice along with evoclin (clindamycin) foam, tazorac and triaz pads. I think I've also been on doxycycline as well.

I hate this!

I really need help here

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Well, see if your derm. will prescribe Accutane. It sounds like you and I have been in the same boat. I have been on every antibiotic, and every cream out there for several years. I got results for awhile, but the acne is still persistant. So my derm. reccomeded Accutane for me. I haven't started it yet, but I know several people on this board have been in your situation and have tried it with great success.

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The antibiotic is getting rid of your acne by killing the bacteria that is causing it. BUT the problem with antibiotics is that once you come off of it, the bacteria begins to work its magic again. Also it is killing the "good bacteria" that we have to fight off infectious diseases and by using an antibiotic long term, your body can become resistant to it and then it wont respond anymore.

Depending on how bad your acne is I would say if its servere.. then go for the accutane for sure (especially if your skin is very oily) but if its mild then maybe a topical antibiotic mixed with a benzol peroxide could be more efficient (benzaclin) and a salicylic acid product could also help keep your pores from clogging. Talk to your derm, but personally i dont like antibiotics :confused:

Good luck! :D

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I agree with Jen. I'm not a big fan of antibiotics. I was on every one under the sun for many years, and they were never as effective as Accutane. Even when the antibiotic "worked" I wasn't completely clear. When I went off the antibiotic, the acne seemed to come back worse than before. Eventually, they stopped working completely.

I wish I had done Accutane much sooner and not messed around with antibiotics for so long. If I was a derm, I'd skip the antibiotics and go straight to the stuff that actually works. Especially with older patients who aren't going to get pregnant or sell their Accutane on the black market!


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