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this sucks! my hair is shedding....I've done a search on the board

and there does not seem to be any definate solution

I think I thinned last time I was on Tane but the hair recovered

afterward...but not 100% and I remember it took a long time

here's my question- the statements from Roche indicates, mulitiple

courses can be prescribed but you will risk the same side effects

again, do they mean the same side effects you experienced last

time or ALL the side effects associated with the medication

I assume they mean all possible side effects.

so if the chances of hair thinning were 10% with a single course, does that

mean four courses will give me a 40% chance of hair thinning?

I hope this is not cummulative. I should have paid more attention in

stats class.

I think the hair loss is more due to the body being stressed with

the influx of medication....I need to find a way to destress and

purify during this treatment. yet another lifestyle change is

on the horizon. So any info on supplements/tips/tricks would be helpful


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From what I have seen on this board, I dont think people necessarily experience the same symptoms the second time round as they did on the first. A lower dosage may reduce this side effect. I am the same weight as you but only taking 30mg per day (although it means my course will be longer). Good luck.

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