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Collagen therapy (Skin fillers)


If you are unhappy with crow's feet, frown lines, worry lines, acne scars, vertical lip lines, and smile lines, you may be interested in consulting one of our physicians about Collagen therapy. This is a safe, non-surgical treatment using purified bovine or human collagen, which is injected into the skin to smooth your facial lines and replenish your natural collagen temporarily. Full correction may need to be maintained by a series of treatments, and our physicians will tailor your treatment to fit your needs. Restylane is a new alternative to the other collagen skin fillers that we offer. It is a safe and natural cosmetic filler available to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles such as nasolabial folds. Unlike others, it is not animal based, therefore eliminating concern of animal-related allergic reactions. No pre-testing is required and the effects can last six months or longer.


^ Can this treatment fill indented, shallow, rolling scars?

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if you seach key words such as restylane on the board you will find people have used this for filling out scars. Some people do so regularly. (Brad Pitt is rumoured to have regular injections for his scarring)

The problem with fillers is that they can sometimes result if lumps, even sometimes when the doctor/nurse is very skilled.

Your article is somewhat misleading as they always are zzz. Firstly stay away from bovine injections as the risk for infection and your body rejecting it is higher. As for your own collagen, this is of course safer, as your body wont reject it but appartently the results are unpredictable. Some ppl absorb their own collagen fast thus making the results last for a sometimes weeks rather than months (this can also happen with other fillers tho). The length of time fillers last are usually 6 months but can be much less or more depending on how your body absorbs them.

Restylane is one of the safest fillers as the body doesnt reject it. The main side-effect is possible lumping which could remain for some time after the 6 month period. Most good docs would not recommend a filler around the delicate thin eye area. Its costly tho at around £400 -500 per vial and you may need more than one vial.

Semi-permanant fillers last up to 2 yrs and again you need a highly skilled doc to lessen the chances of lumping.

Permanant can be great for some, but if results go wrong or lump you will need to have the treatment 'dissolved' with steriod injections. Steriods can also break down your own healthy tissue and can result in it not growing back. The other alternative is having the filler cut out.

If you go for a filler find a great doc as its more skill based than anything. You could try out restylane and see if you like the results then if so, find out what your semi-perm options are.

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