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Please comment on my regimen-- ampicillin, retin-A micro, benzoderm wash

A few years ago I used differin, which just made my acne worse (at that point I just had mild acne). About 8 months ago I decided to give proactive a try, which worked wonders in the first week, and I was satisfied with it for the next few months, but recently it has had no effect and I got a pretty big breakout, which I rarely experience. So, I went to the derm and he gave me tazorac and duac. Within about 4-5 days my acne was about 80% clear, and then all of a sudden BAM I experience the second or third worst breakout ever and now i have moderate acne. I kept using it, but it just kept making my face more red, so I went to the derm and told him I could not do this, so this is what I am on now

2 doses of 500 mg Ampicillin daily (one morning one night)

Retin-A Micro every night

Benzoderm wash (with aloe vera so the benzoyl peroxide doesnt make my skin dry) twice a day

Everywhere I look on the internet I cannot find ANY info about ampicillin, and all the message boards I go onto nobody has any comments about this drug. I asked my derm about this and he said that I should be realtively clear on this drug in only 2-3 weeks, and that many people who use this drug as opposed to tetracyclin or the others have experienced better results. SO-- please tell me someone has taken this before!

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uhhh.... i think i took ampicillan when i was a kid for the stomach flu or something... it was cuz i was allergic to penicillin. i was too little so i didn't have acne, so i don't know what effects it has on skin.

didn't know it was prescribed for acne... maybe your derm is creative and trying to think of alternative meds, depending on your severity/condition? sorry i'm not much help!

but i'm on retin a micro... i loved it 5 years ago, and i'm loving it now!

good luck with your regimen!!!!!

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Haha, 5 years-- wow! THat is a long time! I'm expecting this stuff to work ina few weeks not 5 years, lol. The tazorac/duac gel I was using cleared me up 95% within 4-5 days, but then I did somethings stupid-- went and tanned at the beach with no sunscreen, and I think thats what triggered this breakout im experiencing now. Anyway, yes ampicillin is what they give babies if they get sick, that is true, but apparently it is a general anti-bacteria drug that clears up acne as well. Odd that nobody on this board has ever taken it-- hopefully someone will respond that has :think:

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Researching about ampicillin and such, heres what I found. Hopefully someone can comment!

Gram-negative folliculitis

Gram-negative folliculitis is a complication of abused and long-term use of antibiotic. Patients with this type of acne are usually treated with accutane since it is known to be effective against gram-negative bacteria. The word “Gram� refers to a blue stain used in laboratories to detect microscopic organisms. Certain bacteria do not stain blue and so they are called “Gram negative.�

I found the above description at this website-- http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/acne_cure.shtml

It says this is one of the causes of acne. Ampicillin gets rid of this acne-causing bacteria. That is the jist of it I guess.......still would love to hear from a doctor/dermatologist on this board or someone who has used the pill with success in the past. Thanks!

Guess im talking to myself here, but i found more info in the 10000th hour of my online search


Near the bottom of the page-- says ampicillin can be used ot treat acne, and has surprisingly little bacterial resistance-- which is apparently a problem with drugs like erythmyocin and others.

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oh it doesn't take 5 years. it takes a few months, but i stopped using it once i got better. 5 years later, i'm back on retin a micro... should have just kept using it the first time around.

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