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Reduced reaction to CSR Gel

I started off using OXY On The Spot 2.5% BP cream, and experienced reasonable drying and stinging etc. Most of the time, without moisturiser, my face would feel very resistant if I tried to move it. Moisturiser became necessary, as much how it felt to move my face as how it looked. However, after about a month or two, I decided it would be impractical to keep buying these small expensive tubes, so I ordered some CSR gel and cleanser. However, now I find that my reaction seems to have greatly reduced, and I can survive fine without moisturiser. Is this just tolerance, and it's merely a coincidence that it happened at the same time as starting the new product?

I have had suspicions that I'm applying the gel incorrectly. I find that since it's colourless, it's hard to tell when it has absorbed into the skin, so I just try and rub it in a reasonably amount. I am worried that it is not entering the skin but drying on the surface.

Thanks for any help.

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A lot of people tend to find the CSR gel less drying than other BP's, so I would say it is no coincidence! However, there is nothing wrong with using moisturiser as long as it is non-congenmic and oil-free, so if you ever feel you need some I wouldn't hesitate about applying! ;)

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