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questions about accutane

i am probably going to go on accutane soon and i have twoof questions that i was hoping people could answer!

does everyone experience an initial breakout period?

can you drink alcohol while on accutane?

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No and no....

not everyone has an IBO and it's not a good idea to drink

your liver is going to be stressed on Accutane, drinking will

make it worse...not to mention the dehydration, headaches..ect

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The reason you can't drink alchohol is because if I recall, Accutane weakens your liver during the time you take it, and as you may know, alchohol is treated by the liver when it is in your body. I'm not sure what the ramifications are about the whole process, but it's definitely a no.

When you get accutane they give you this little pamphlet which pretty much explains everything you can and cannot do, as well as showing off all these testimonials to keep your spirit up.

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no, not everyone gets an IB. Doesn't matter if you do, in most cases it'll just be like a normal breakout. If your skin is bad enough to warrant Tane the breakout - in 99% of cases - won't be anything worse than you've already had.

yes. When I say yes, I mean yes. Of course you can drink. How much? well that is the question. I like to say, if you think you're drinking too much, you are. A pint or two every other day won't kill you. Five pints a day, well that may. Good advise, if you wanna drink, drink once a week in moderation. Good advice, don't drink within a few days of your blood test. Good advice, if you have any issues with blood tests quitting drinking is the first thing you should do.

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