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having suffered with cystic acne for a few years i was wondering,if all the different lotions/potions ,antibiotics,b.p..etc....must surely be ageing to our skin? some people have said to me.."oh,you wait,you wont have anywrinkles when your old,cos of yer oily skin"(as, if that is a consolation) has anyone noticed this?

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Even tho I have very oily skin I do look older due to my enlarged pores and scars. They make you look like you've lived a hard life.

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Oily skin looks younger/less wrinkled when its been washed and cleansed, but the shiny nature of oil can show up blemishes and imperfections, just like when you wax your car and suddenly all the dents show up.

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I know this has been a while but ~

From a website:

"Acne is a third form of skin damage that promotes premature aging. The skin responds to acne infections by producing hydrogen peroxide to kill the bacteria, and hydrogen peroxide converts to free radicals that damages cellular DNA, collagen, elastin and other skin components, just like unprotected sun exposure and the skin's routine chemical processes. The skin continues to produce hydrogen peroxide until the infection is cleared, so this source of acne-induced skin damage may last for a week or more with acne vulgaris and many weeks with cystic acne. As the skin repairs the damage caused by the infections, it creates new blood vessels, cells, collagen, elastin and other tissues. Free radicals are a natural by-products of the millions of chemical processes necessary to perform these functions. These free radicals also damage the skin, including the new skin components."

Source. Sorry I couldn't get a better website. I've read this elsewhere too though. Same thing.

About oily skin and wrinkles ...

I think oily skin just plumps up the appearance of fine lines and some wrinkles. I don't think it means those with this skin type have aged slower than people with dry skin, let's say. Lines aren't just as evident. - But this is just my opinion.

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ive always wondered about that...and like accutane? it dries the hell out of your skin, depleting it of all moisture. surely that cannot be good for someone who is getting wrinkles annnnd acne. oh gosh that would suck if i still had acne when i had wrinkles too...

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