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okay so i had these three pimples on the side of my mouth kind of in my jaw area that i popped like last week and they are still healing. so those areas are obviously red and irritated. but then i still keep breaking out and i popped two teeny ones (bad, i know) so those are now red. but now new tiny pimples are forming around the red areas so it looks like i have chicken pox or something, i don't know, but it looks really bad. any ideas on how to heal the scabs while treating irritation at the same time and not causing new acne to form? i wonder of aloe will help or neosprin?

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Yeah, that one's a toughy =( Here's my advice, I hope it helps ^^

1. If you've been stressed or really busy recently, try to calm down, watch tv, read a book, sleep more, anything else to keep stress levels low. Also try to eat cooling foods like fresh fruit or juice and the like.

2. Try tea tree oil. For me, it's very effective on broken and healing skin while preventing new infections.

3. Try not to use moisterizer or makeup whenever you can...personally, when I use moisterizer or when I use makeup, I get a breakout. Makeup is always bad for the skin--make sure you have some gentle makeup remover and a good exfoliator.

4. neosporin might help. If it's worked really well for you in the past, there's no reason why it should help you out now =) However, if you'v had incidents where you've put neosporin on popped pimples and then the pimple reforms, I would suggest not using neosporin. Technically, neosporing should be good because it's antibiotic, but medical science isn't perfect.

5. use very gentle cleansers on your face, at least for the time being. Try products that are geared for sensitive skin. When your skin isn't so irritated anymore, you can return to more powerful acne maintainence, but right now, your skin needs healing the most. I usually use burts bees orange essence cleanser on irritated skin for a couple days and then switch to the lettuce soap after my face has gotten a bit better so that the orange essence oil doesn't make me too oily and cause break outs.

this is just from my experience though...I know that everyone's skin is very different =) So try to get advice from professionals who deal with acne-inflicted skin often....dermatologists are okay, but just don't let them prescribe you some crappy antibiotic gels, creams, or pills or what not. Stay natural, it's the best way to go.

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