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Advice about Saw Palmetto use

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I've posted here a couple times before. I read up on Saw Palmetto, and decided to give it a try as I'm sure my acne is hormonal. I have incredibly oily skin, and every month right before my period, I break out in usually one to two cysts along my jawline. So, after my last period, I started taking one Saw Palmetto 160mg softgel in the morning, and one after dinner. These are the standardized ones. Anyways, I'm due for my next period in a couple days, and this time I've gotten 5 huge cysts along my jawline. What I want is some advice about either stopping or continuing for another month or two. I did notice my skin is a little less oily, but these cysts are the worst I've ever had. What should I do? By the way I am 30 years old. Thanks.

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I have no knowledge or information on the product or the subject, but judging by what you said I would not take the product any longer. This is just based on the fact that you've been using it almost a month and you got worse. Maybe someone else can offer better advice.

If your concerned about oil, have you ever tried vitamin B5 or also called Pantothenic Acid. Do a search, theres tons of information on here

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Saw Palmetto lowers the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. If elevated DHT is not your problem then that stuff won't help you. That stuff is risky though- it can make the breasts bigger and make a person gain weight, not desirable at all. Men who have balding in the family and acne might have elevated DHT and might benefit from Saw Palmetto or drugs that do similar things.

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You might be better off taking Agnus Castus or Black Cohosh if your problem is releted to elevated oestrogen levels rather than testosterone. What other symptoms do you have - PMS, abnormal/irregular periods? If you needed Saw Palmetto you might be experiencing symptoms like excess facial hair growth (or head hair thinning - excess testosterone can cause both) for example. Saw Palmetto does have an anti-oestrogenic effect, but I'm not sure if it is as effective at balancing female hormones as Vitex (Agnus Castus/Chasteberry - same thing) and Black Cohosh. You might want to try them individually so you know which one is working - I believe that Agnus Castus is the more commonly used herb for menstrual and associated problems, while Black Cohosh is mainly used in menopausal women for stimulating oestrogen activity, although it has the opposite effect in pre-menopausal women. Good luck!

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Thanks to those of you that replied. I have never had irregular periods, but I do get PMS. I also have very oily skin, and get cystic acne around my jawline so that's why I thought the Saw Palmetto might work. I will probably try the Chaste Berry Tree and see if that helps balance out my hormones. Thanks again.

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