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what med should I try next?

Hello everyone, I used to have mild acne starting around 13-14, I'm 18 now and its the worst its ever been I'd say its close to moderate/severe right now,Its mostly on both ceeks,chin.My doctor told me I dont have the type of acne that scars but i think thats a load of bull cuz I alrdy have about 7 scars could be from popping them tho.So far ive been stupid and waisted about 200-300 dollers on Murad and Exposed which I think gave me close to moderate/severe acne.Now its back to plan one and Im tired of waisting my money on bullshit,Should I go to a derm? I dont know what direction to go, I'm skeptical of accutane and dans regime is for mild acne right? I almost bought the program that Leo Keisen has but I searched this site and alot of ppl think its a waist of money. any help pointing me in the right direction would be very helpfull. Thanks.

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Hey WideOpen,

Welcome to the board.

My suggestion would be to go read Jess's thread about jessfoliation. I don't use the cetaphil but wash my face about 3 - 4 times a day with celtic sea salt. I dissolve 2 teaspoons in warm water and wash twice with cotton pads. Let it dry a little, rinse it off and then spot treat with neosporin cream. At night I put neo all over my face. I've been doing the sea salt for almost a month but just started the neo Sunday night.

My "never say die" zits are dissapearing and even some scars are getting better. I's a fascinating concept that something so simple works so well and so fast! Don't waste your money on a derm either. I'v been over the years and they don't really help. Well, not me anyhow.

Good luck!


Oh, and I bought some emu oil and put it on them when they get dry (the spots I mean) helps the healing and makes them less pickable

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