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on the way to clear skin (Cindy's mission)

hi guys....

im 21 years old...female...actually my acne is not that bad..because previously i've been going to a dermatologist...and it works...however...the gel that was prescribed by my doctor is kinda bleaching my face..

i dont know if most products for acne..will do the same thing...but its kinda annoying...

and the i've been trying most acne product out there...i even tried home remedies like egg white...vinegar...but still doesnt work.. however..i still get occassional pimple here and there....sadly...i have pimple on my neck..and its hard to get rid off...*sigh*

till i saw this website...and its like a new hope for me....

the first time i tried...it was burning like crazy...however its all my fault..because im using it too much...since i thought im used to dermatologist 's products thats quite harsh too..

so i skipped the CSR gel for one day...and start to use it in less amount the next day..but still once a day...

it still burn me crazy...i used lots of moistrizer too...

this is already 3 weeks since i used the CSR gel...but still it burns me like hell...and my whole face turns red and sting very bad..

i used the gel on my neck too...and it leaves a very RED patchy....that hurts very much...

im thinking of quiting now.....sorry guys....

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errr...i kinda changed my mind....i'll give time for the skin to heal..and then try again...need ur supports and advice...guys please help me....

*sob sob*

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I'm wondering if you began with too much too soon!

Maybe take a day off and don't do anything except the gentle cleanse.

Then begin again and use only a very teeny amount of bp for the first week (night only). Then the second week use that same teeny amount twice a day. Hopefully your skin will adjust easier this way.

It sounds like your skin is pretty sensitive, and you probably need to go much slower than 'normal'.

good luck and let me know if you need any help!

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hey!! good news everyone...i try to give my skin to heal and start with a very tiny lil amount...now i can used the full amount...and im doin just fine!

and my skin is gettin clearer..and so my neck too!! woohoooo!!!

its almost a month since i used CSR BP Gel..and doin just fine! just the red marks and some ocassional pimple that usually heal fast...

guys dont give up! we're on the same path!! to the clearer skin!! yayyy!!

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