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Anyone ever felt bad about getting a makeover

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I am getting married soon and needless to say my face is still full of scars and a few zits (in the process of healing thanks to no wearing make up for a month and sleeping >8 hours a day)

So I hire a makeup artist to do my makeup for the actual wedding and studio wedding pictures.

The last time she applied makeup on me was a few months ago (for the studio pictures). And I was relatively clear at that time - only pigmented scaring and red marks. And she took one look at me and asked if I have been picking, and whether the red marks hurt, etc. I just felt so bad cuz she kind of had this disgusted look .. and she spent over an hour to make me look flawless. Great job nonetheless, but I felt so bad in the end..

I prefer to do my own make up in the comfort of my own home where no one will judge :(

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I don’t get make over’s done, but I do have treatments. I like trying different things and don’t mind to much who does it.

I DO mind however when they treat you like an idiot. One lady tried to sell me $1000 worth of products, when I told her they where not suited to my skin as its hormonal, she got all upset, I mean ffs its my money not hers.

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yeah, thats probably the main reason why i HATE going to makeup counters...i am worried about someone seeing all my imperfections. i also worry that the makeup reps will try and put something super-oily on my skin, which will break me out. :confused: i'm forced to pick out my own foundation colors, it sucks sometimes b/c i want someone's second opinion. try not to think about how your face looks while shes applying...if you look great in the end, and feel great about how you look, then its all worth it :)

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I have never had a makeover, and never will. I honestly feel I can make myself up 100 times better than some stranger ever could (because I know my skin type, I know my skin tone, I've experimented a lot with makeup and I know what looks best on me). Also I wouldn't even want to take the chance of someone making a stupid comment and me having to slam them for it. I did have a makeup artist once, for some photographs I was having done. She did okay, except that I'm sure she was using oil-based makeup and she was stupid enough to comment that she'd be re-powdering me quite often due to my oily skin. The only reason I said nothing was because I wasn't the one who was paying her...

But yeah, I think a lot of women need to be more confident in their own skills when it comes to doing their own treatments, etc. Remember that these people don't really truly care for you - they are selling their products to you.

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Never had a make-over. Make-up artists get way up in your face, bright lights....I have enlarged pores....boooo :eh:

I like the cheap make-up you buy at Wall-Mart. Not so cheap, Loreal that is.....

Some of that expensive stuff makes me look fake...you know, "too made-up". Layers of foundation, yuk :blink: I wear liquid/sheer foundation, I don't need to cover all my imperfections. The make-up just evens out my skin.

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I did for this hair model job. They did my makeup with a disgusted look on there face the whole time. I came out before they were done and the owner of the salon said what happened to you face? Then during pictures I was so ashamed. When I have gotten facials I am embarassed when they turn the bright light on. I feel like they are thinking oh god, this is gonna be a dewsy! I want to cry sometimes!

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Having someone else come so close to you and examining your flaws is hard. The worst for me was right before a runway show a makeup artist had to touch up the skin on my back infront of all the other makeup artists and models. It was so embaressing.. everyone was asking what was wrong with my skin and I wanted to go home :( Some girls looked disgusted at me.

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