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Benzamycin (help)

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I've been usin it for 2 weeks now (it says it takes atleast a month for results)

ive gotten considerbly less acne but the thing is, thers now scars all over my cheeks tho I have not popped a single pimple...

and on top of the the scars (mostly black marks) there is also dryness at which points it hurts when i smile...

can anyone help me out?

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my friend uses benzamycin and gets really good results

are you keeping it in the refrigerator? you're supposed to

Umm, make sure you put plenty of moisturizer on because benzamycin is benzoyl peroxide == dries out your skin

As far as i know the scars should fade over time

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oooh thats what was wrong with me....my skins all dry....i havent been putting moisturizer on for the sake of cloggin my pores but now i will


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i started using benzamycin 5 days ago. Yeah my face is super dry. I apply it twice a day....I was told to try applying it only at night or once every other day....

Ignored that...heh - I need clear skin sad.gif

I use moisturizer up the ass

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