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glue-like film

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hi there! i just started on the regimen one week ago. i was trying Clindamycin Phosphate, but that stopped working a while ago. anyway, i started off using about a quarter of a finger of BP at night (i only need to apply to the bottom half of my face) for about 4 days, then i moved it to half of a finger, and yesterday was the first time i applied it twice--both morning and night. i took a shower this morning and then applied the half-a-finger, and when i tried to moisturize (using the Purpose lotion with SPF 15), this weird glue-like film was coming off onto my fingers. did i not let the BP absorb enough? have i begun too much BP too soon? thanks for any help.

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welcome to the regimen :)

this can be solved simply by describing what BP gel you use, name, ect

and also what cleanser you use.

good luck :)

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when applying bp

once you've been applying it for say 1-2mins give it a rest and then with a dry finger wipe off the rest of the bp!

then wait 15mins and moisturise

simply sounds like you hav left some bp on your skin and its not absorbed etc.

i reckon that might help you out man ^

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hey, thanks for the fast responses! sorry i wasn't more specific...

i use Cetaphil gentle cleanser, Dan's BP gel, and Purpose moisturizer with SPF 15. i wait 15 minutes between each step.

yeah, i figured it might be because some of the BP is left on my skin. maybe i should use less?

thanks again!

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The Purpose moisturizer is horrible. It dries chalky and leaves streaks all over my face, and turns completely white in the presence of water. I'd switch moisturizers and see if that doesn't help, along with following the regimen properly (rubbing things in gently and thoroughly, waiting long enough between steps, etc).

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I had the same thing before. Tho it stopped after a few weeks of moiturizing morning+night, Did you moisturize before starting the csr?

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hi, everyone! i ended up changing my moisturizer, and it's happening much much less now. besides, my skin is just getting used to the regimen, anyway. thanks for your time!

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