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has anyone or does anyone use lye soap? i had a client the other day who swears by the stuff and let me tell you, her skin felt like silk. she uses it for her face and body. and she was an adult acne sufferer. i'm just curious if anyone else uses it.

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I got some lye soap a while back and just started to use it on my chest and back in the last few weeks. Did she say if it was made with lard or not? cause I have heard if its made with lard it will cause break outs because of it, so far it seems to help with the little acne I have there so I was curious as to what it would do for my facial skin.

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she orders it and has it shipped from silver dollar city. i did a little research and from what i found it says that the lye has to be balanced just right in order for it to be good. i have also read that it is good for people with allergies and that it can help a number of skin conditions.

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lye soap has helped folks with acne, eczema, psoriasis, athlete's foot, poison ivy, bug bites, burns, ashy skin, dry itchy skin and more.

some more info i've found.

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Lard based soap is fantastic! Our family will never use anything else!


Oh we get ours from *mod edit, no advertising allowed*

Do your family members have acne prone skin?

I noticed you are newly registered? Do you have acne?

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Lye is a collective term for a soap coated with NaOH or KOH -- extremely corrosive!!

So, unless you want your whole face to peel off, stay away from LYES!!!!!

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