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How to register at Ipledge.com

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I think you have to jump on the Ipledge web site, enter your

ID number from your Ipledge card and your password and

answer the questions.

There is a toll free number you can call if you would rather

do it by phone.

It should be listed on the card

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I never got a password....

My doc gave me the prescription today and told me to wait until tomorrow (for whatever reason) to fill it - but to make sure I did it within 7 days. I'm not sure if he has to register me himself or what...I'm totally lost. Could I just go to the pharmacy without doing any of that, or do I have to make sure that I'm registered?

Thanks for your help!

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You have to wait a day so he can enter your info on the site. After that, you should have a yellow card that came in your ipledge folder. Use this number to log in. Sorry, I can't remember for sure where I got a password....I think it might have come in the mail.

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my password came in the mail but I'm considered "non-reproductive" so

I dont have to register on the site....I dont know what you would do

on the site ...maybe some of the other girls would know

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Thanks guys! The derm's office just called and said they forgot to take the yellow sticker with my number on it and put it in my records - they need it to get me registered...figures, lol. Now I have to drive ALL the way back just to give them the darn sticker.

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today i went to the doctor and that pharmasist lady told me she hasnt got the perscription?

they told me i have to do this thing. and i have to answer some questions and something about a number can some one please help me!

im new to this and i dont know what to do:)

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