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Question for Dan or whoever!:

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Most people who've done what you've done are really impressed with the results. They say it works *better* if the moisturizer is applied before the BP. I would do the same thing (have a problem with bloctchy BP) but I'm too scared to change the order!

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ive been on the regimen for a long time and it cleared me.

sometime ago i was playing warcraft 3 frozen throne so i couldnt concentrate on what i was doing, i accidentally put moisturizer first on my cheeks... it is ok for me nothing has happend.

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This is what I used to do when I was using Benzamycin Gel. I find that if I moisturise afterwards, the BP starts moving around and mixing in with the moisturiser. Also, since I've gotten over the red dry itchy phase, the BP seems to be absorbing really well now.

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i'm pretty sure that won't do anything because i interned at a dermatologist i fancy myself as a derm in training (ironic, i think it's going to be a bit more important to be clear once i start practacing in a couple years) i saw the derms tell people to use moisturizer after morning shower (while still damp but dry enough that it will absorb) it helps inflamation and to an extent (i think don't hold this one against me) i think may help the medicine penetrate. i'm not sure though but i really don't think it can hurt.

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