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not much diff...I think my skin's just chronically red...sux

i'm thinking of trying B5 now...though the initial breakout thing is a bit freaky

anyway, i heard about this Loke skin clinic where the doc is pretty good and will prescribe accutane...maybe i'll try that as a last resort if b5 doesn't work. actually, i don't have severe acne...i have small but v. persistent zits that take WEEKs to heal and almost always leave a red mark/indented scar!!! ughh!! I just want it to stop so my skin can heal properly you know?

anyway. have been reading a few accutane journals on the web and wow!...very impressed...see http://jmhpr.tripod.com/accutanediary/index.html and


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biscuitboi>> I think IPL should be more effective in clearing acne marks. When I wad doing it, I still had acne but considered mild oredi as compared to before. I suppose that IPL has helped in preventing my acne from flaring up.

Yeah me a girl..prob the only one on this topic uh? & 21 this year..old liao

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seemed like onli time heals red marks... maybe i should use concealer lioaz.... u all noe where got sell concealer? all guardian n watson got? aniwae aloe vera reli works? can u c difference whithin 1 week? n how u apply on u skin..? u bought the real aloe vera or chemical produced aloe vera? hahahz... sori 4 asking so mani questions... aniwae thx 4 daz help..!!

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YOz all guys & gals from Sunny S'pore.... biggrin.gif

i m totally AMAZED to find out tat there are so many s'poreans on acne.org..... WOOHOO smile.gif ( at least got pple from same hometown LOLx )

juz to intro meself..... i m male 17+ from SINGAPORE -.- """" and i m a acne victim since 1998 :o( i m now studying in NGEE ANN POLY 1st yr lar....... i hav tried MANY over the counter products since i was in secondary school till today..... eg. proactiv << works well but kinda hav stop working on me, activa, loreal, blackmores, neutrogena,differin and oral antibotics (doxy).... and PLENTY more :o(

BUT nothing kinda works ( i hav oso lots of scars >> red & black spots all over my cheeks area ) =;

HENCE, ( a historical moment ) on the 29/9/03 i hav begun my journey on ACCUTANE ( or known as NIMEGEN in s'pore <<< made in korea )

i hav never in my life till now ever tot tat i would take ACCUATANE as i often consider my condition to be moderate...... until the begin of my sch term in ngee ann :o

MAJOR outbreak started ....... esp along my cheeks and jawline area ( during my 7mths holidays b4 going into poly my face condition had improved ALOT ) but as STRESS keep on building up the WORSE had came.....

i was @ the lowest of my lowest..... at one pt in time, i avoided pple, stayed at home in my room as i considered myself to be a FREAK .... my face was as bad as a pizza ( wit spots all over ) ](*,)

hence, i decided to visit my derm again ( whom i hav not gone to in the past 2yrs) to seek help...... to my surprise he recommended me NIMEGEN aka ACCUTANE - the same content juz diff brand..... and after a few weeks of considering :-s i DECIDED to go on it.......

today is my 6th day into the course..... i really hope i will hav CLEAR skinz at the end of the course [-o< .... okok gtg ..... buai



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ME!!! My derm appt is on 10 oct, which is this Fri. I WANNA GET ACCUTANE. Hey piggy is there any tactic to get accutane?? I have only try doxy and erythro, so i afraid the derm will gimme other useless antibiotics and dun wanna gimme accutane.

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Biscuitboi>> yah loh, the funny thing is my complexion was quite good during my early to mid teenage years, my major breakouts only started when I was 19-20.

The IPL sessions that I went were considered cheap liao..normally one session would have cost $1000 - $1500 leh. Lucky for me that my mom was willing to pay for me..

Accutane has some quite serious side effects so better think really carefully about it before deciding to take it. And I think this drug quite expensive too uh? I've only take doxy & amoxicilin b4, so not quite sure abt the price.

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yoz everyone ;o)

hey biscuitboi..... i was quite lucky as the derm ( who prescribed me doxy 2yrs ago ) actualli automatically - without me asking, intro to me accutane LOLx ( actualli my purpose of going to him was for chemical peel )

I agree with zenith, cos biscuitboi must take ALOT of things into consideration b4 taking ( tats y i took a few weeks to decide b4 taking !!!! ) mainly to think over the following factors -:

1. the cost of accutane aka NIMEGEN <<< a cheaper but as effective as the roaccutane ( ROche's roaccutane is oso available ) nimegen cos abt 300plus for me per mth ( but diff pple will hav diff amt cos it is base on ur body weight and the dosage u are taking .... so price varies from individual )

2. the SIDE FXs !!!!!! like -:

Dry skin, itching, nose bleeds, dry mouth and nose, dry eyes.

Inflamed lips and irritated eyes.

Muscle aches and pains.

Nausea, vomiting, belly pain.

If you are pregnant this medicine can cause birth defects, premature births, and death in babies.

Serious mental problems such as depression.

3. the cost for buying products eg. lip balm & moisturizer and for the blood test b4 taking accutane <<< cos if u hav high colestrol or high blood pressure or diabeties then u are not suitable to take accutane

ahahahaha ( is tat too much and scary ahahaha) i m not saying these to scare U or discourage u from taking ...... but i juz wanna let u koe tat it is not so simple as whether ur derm will be willing to put u on the course anot.........

Nevertheless............. if u had considered the followings above ( actualli still got much more thingy to consider and think over, BUT i think tats enough ) i can actualli recommend U my derm ( he is actualli more of a GP than a derm ) but i would like to koe where are u staying cos the derm tat i go to is at BUKIT BATOK ( near my house ahahaha ) so if u dun mind juz post another reply to get his add from me or u can feel free to email me at [email protected]

kaoz.... type until fingers numb liaoz ahahahahaha

okok------ gtg --------buai guys



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Actually i have oredi done a lot of homework on accutane. I know abt all the side effects and all and read a lot of ppl's journal. Rather than suffer from a lifetime of depression from acne, i rather suffer from a while of depresion from tane. Anyway i read that depression in con sider a severe side effect and not many ppl will have tat. The common ones are dry eyes, lips and muscle ache.

But the problem as I said is that i dun have a lot of cystic acne, so dun know will gimme accutane or not.

And tootboy, I stay in Boon Lay!!! So thats very near!!!!!


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moderate piggy..

but u got use chemical peels ahz ..

wat product ..

n how's is it ..??

does it helps ...

biscuitboi red marks red marks ...

remeber to help mi ask ahz ..

u 10 oct app i 9th oct tp for bike lehz ..

wish mi luck ahz ..

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yoz pimple guy....

i wanted to go for chemical peel sessions but DR CHUA <<< my derm told me tat it will help and was oni a temporary relief as spots and bumps will still come back.....

hence to solve the prob..... ACCUTANE ....... so i went on the course

the chemical peel my derm is using is from NEOSTRATA ( concentration 20% - 70% ) abt S$60 per session..... the no. of sessions required depending on individual.......... are u interested ???

biscuitboi....... are u going to see Dr chua for accutane ???



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Dun worry pimple guy i wun forget.

Anyway good luck for ur tp. I just got my license a couple of months (car one) and i second time then pass. First time very stupid. On the circuit slope when i move off i go and put reverse gear. Car roll down then immediate failure. Too nervous liao.

And tootboy, I would decide after my derm appt this fri whether to go bb clinic. Coz i wanna c wat the derm will say and whether will gimme accutane or not. And some more nsc accutane got subsidise and i think private clinic got no subsidise rite???

Anyway go nsc for acctuane b4?? Wats the price???

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i hav been to NSC but not for accutane..... for some tropical lotion & antibotics ( which i did not eat )

i koe tat NSC will subsidise but the reason y i did not go to NSC for accutane is cos of the following :

1. long Q - needa wait beri long till ur turn...... the derm there oso not beri friendly, and when u come back for ur next appointment, u mayb given another diff derm.

2. too far away...... AT novena lei.......

furthermore, if i encounter any probs like serve side FXs during the course i m able to go back to my derm immediately without any further delay cos he is just nearby .....

anyway u can try asking / checking out the price at either ur derm or at the NSC .... i m not sure abt the price at NSC.... if u koe pls let me koe............... THANX..... and all the best ;o)



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of coz i interested...i haf those spots that are brown after the acne n some red marks leftover ..

eh piggy, if u can ..

try to avoid the sun becoz when u are taking acctuane , u are more prone to acne n ur face will react differently from others...

n last but not least , welcome to np ...exstudent liaoz going to army in mid oct...

15% AHA peel u bought is from where ..

from ur GP ... i thought peeling can be done homemade ...


insist that u wan accutane , say like other pills doesn't help ,one of my frenz more serious than piggy doesn't get accutance becoz he dun know how to persuade the GP to perscribe acctuane for him ..

fuck xia ...

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NIMGEN is 300 plus for a month? Oh my god, my monthly supply of NIMEGEN costs only S$96, i get 2 packets every month, and i tk 2 capsules daily. I got mine from a neughbourhood clinic. piggy, can i check with you that ur NIMGEN comes in a pinkish looking box? How can the price difference be so drastic? could it be that mine are defective or something. Oh, im 75 kg by de way

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ahahahahahaha hate_acne

u scared me.... i m on 0.5mg/per kg/per day hence for this mth (1st mth) i juz pay S$162 for 3 boxes........... i m taking 3 pills per day now

Next mth (2nd mth) then i will increase to 6 boxes S$324 and will take 6pills per day --- tats 1mg/per kg/per day.

yoz pimple guy.......

the AHA home mask system (aka 15% AHA peel) is at S$102.00 --- bought from tan tock seng hospital pharmacy.... u can check out at http://www.mypharmacy.com.sg/ for it at only S$99.00

needa use for a period of time b4 sees result..........



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hey tootboy

how's the success rate with the AHA ? i got tons of little bumps on my forehead and lotsa clogged pores and been wanting to try AHA... (10% PHA)

no time to go hospital pharmacy lah...ttsh very far for me...think i will go SGH instead.

ZENITH: i think ur IPL is really cheap man...560 for 5 sessions is even cheaper than facials loh...bella skin care quote me one facial for 220 okay ..winnerz....

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yoz... hate_acne,

have u jus started on nimegen ???

where is the clinic that u frequent ???

do u hav any side FXs ???

when are u completing ur course ??? how many mths in total ???

ahahahaha..... sorry hor so many question all at the same time....i am so gald to found out tat there is at least someone else who is oso taking nimegen....



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