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Many websites indicate that red marks (i.e, macules) are not true scars and are supposed to fade eventually. Is it ever possible to have a macule that fades but then turn into a "true" scar afterwards? How are you supposed to know or tell if the red mark is in the way? Also, are "true" scars supposed to be visible in EVERY light and EVERY angle? I have hard time locating the "scars" on my face in some lightings, and every now and then it looks like there's some sort of scar there. Is it possible for "macules" to look like a scar with the way the light shines on it? Sometimes I look in the mirror and a pimple looks like a scar but when I get close up, it looks more like a red blemish. I have no idea how to pinpoint a real scar from something else. In general, is it safe to say that most acne scars will be visible in ALL lights? Thank you!

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I don't know about all that but a scar is a physical incongruity in skin growth. A scar would feel different than normal skin and would have a different texture e.g. pits, raised tissue as in keloids, and lack of pigment. Red marks and PIH are a result of inflammation and thus blood at the surface, and also an increase in melanin production. A redmark is accompanied by some swelling that will eventually go down, and PIH does not affect skin texture at all; they are perfectly smooth and only affect pigment.

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