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I have a couple of questions to ask so any help that could be given would be greatly appreciated. I've been on Proactiv for about 6 months now and all my active acne is gone. I do get the occasional one or two pimples here and there but thats about it. Two problems I have are one my redmarks and two I work out in the sun so it looks like where ever I use Proactiv repairng lotion my skin is white and all the other areas are darker. My questions are what would be the best treatment for the red marks, can I switch off Proactiv to something less harsh and will the white areas return to normal skin tone after I get off Proactiv. My plan right now is to save up for about 6 months, see where I'm at, and if I'm not satisfied with progress then get 5 - 6 vbeam / smoothbeam treatments. Thanks for reading this and thanks for any help you can give.



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