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I am just curious as to what people recommend for showers for people with mild acne. Would you suggest 1 or 2 showers a day? Would you suggest washing your face with cold or warm water?

For the past 6 months i have only been taking 1 shower a day and not washing my face any other part of the day. Also recently i have been washing the soap off my face with colder water and i think it is better for my skin. I use Dove bar soap (Sensitive Skin kind) and it seems to work fine i guess. I have found that 2 showers a day even with only using Dove makes my skin feel dry, but im not sure if 2 showers is better or worse for my skin. What does everyone suggest? My normal routine is wake up, go to class, go to gym, come home take a shower, do whatever, go to bed, and then wake up again. Im kind of thinking maybe if i washed twice a day my skin would be better but then again it might start getting dry. I dont know why my skin dries so easily but i kind of think its b/c of using differin a couple years ago, my skin aint neva' been the same since then. Anyways i need opinions so please post!

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i have really clear skin and this is my little schedule:

in the morning i put clean and clear's deep pore cleansing cream on my face and leave it on while i'm in the shower. when i'm about finished with my shower i wash the cream off my face with the hot water of the shower.

when i get out of the shower i put on st ives oil-free mosturizer.

then at night before bed i use st ives apricot face scrub to get off all the stuff that's gotten on my face during the day and i put mosturizer on again.

the next day i do the same thing!!

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No need for 2 showers. That can't be good for your skin.

Also I have a question is it better to have a shower in the evening or in the morning for your skin?

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For some reason, it seems like when I wash my skin at night, it's better. No clue why. I couldn't tell you which one is best. I notice that I smell better when I wash at night because I wear breathable material to bed.

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Well, I think at night because you'll allow your skin to breath during your sleep which will help him to remove dead skin and regenerate more easily. Nothing proved here, but it's my opinion. I've often got a great skin for 3-4 days after I did that "method".

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