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mac make up help!

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Hey everyone. i need some make up help. i just bought a few make eyeshadows and some lipstick and now i want more! im just clueless on what colors to get. i have brown eyes, brown hair with blonde highlights, and fair skin but sometimes i tan. what colors look good on brown eyes, and can u recommend any specific mac colors that go well together?

my other question is ... should you change your lip/blush color if you change eyeshadow colors or is it always ok to wear the same color on your lips? thank so much.

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Well, seeing as I dont know ur undertone, I'll just suggest some colours that I think will complement ur eye's & hair colour


Brule and Shroom (both make great brow highlighters) shroom has a subtle shimmer, whereas brule doesnt, it has a matte finish)

Honesty- a lovely bronze colour with gold sparkles. Only problem with this shadow is that it's a luster, so it might be hard to "make it work" if you know what I mean

Mulch- this is a BEAUTIFUL colour. This is a stable of mine, it's a dark brown/reddish colour, and has a gorgeous shimmer to it. You can wear it alone or blend it with shroom/brule to create a smokey look :cool: definately get this shade!

Naked lunch is a nice colour too.


Club- absolutely gorgeous colour, you can use this as a liner or to create a smokey kinda look

Humid- is a nice colour too

Swimming- is also a really nice shade


Deep truth- darker blue

steamy- a lighter shade

Pinks would also be nice (but I cant recommend any cos I've not tried them, also I think some violet shades would be great)

hope that helps?! :cool:

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No problems :cool:

To work out ur skin colour undertone, look at the insides of ur arm, if the colour of ur veins are of a blueish colour, then it's more likely that you've got a pink undertone. If ur veins look greenish, then you've got a yellow undertone :)

That's a useful tip to know when ur looking for foundations and stuff :)

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ok well i guess i have a pink undertone then! also..since u seem to be pretty knowledgable in make up...is it ok to wear the same lip/blush color with any eyeshadow color or do u have to get ones that coordinate? what color lips would look good with blues/green/pink eyeshadows? thanks for the help

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with brown eyes purple colours look really great!!

a rule about lip colour &eyeshadow: if you're eyes are strong (you're wearing quite alot of eyeshadow) pick a more neutral lip.. dont pick a bright colour because your eyes are already the focus & they shouldnt be competing!

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I think beige/golden shades look nice with dark eyes and it gives you that 'au naturelle' look like you're not wearing loads of makeup. These particularly compliment yellow undertones.

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