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i had this huge red inflammed pimple on the tip of my nose and it hurt like a mother[beep]. i couldn't pop it so i keep on putting a this bha liquid on it (salicylic acid) and it shrunk (the zit disappear..it's no longer a pimple) but the red mark is still there. it's been like 2 weeks and its still as red as ever. when i touch it, the skin isn't as firm as the rest of my nose.. maybe the acid killed my skin in the stop? iono.

has this ever happened to anyone and what should i do? thanks!

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salicylic acid is used to removed dead skin. It shouldn't "kill" your skin.

Is the region where it's red still feel like it's filled with something? I'd assume the part you are talking about is between your eyebrows, if so, touch your forehead, if it's the same sensation, you're fine ;) Otherwise, it might just be temporary.

You might want to apply aloes as it generally help when you got wounds or similar. It often helps me to remove the pain from the acne.

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i was just worrying for nothing.. its fading away now. the area was more soft to the touch but it's thickening now. thanks!

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