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Greetings everyone, my name is Bob.

Like many here, I battled acne since I was a kid. There were times it was really bad, and others when I felt like any other Joe. I never really tried to cure my pimples, except to minimize it as much as I could. Where before I used harsh soap on my face, these days I only use facial wash. Where I used to poke myself, today I do so only with clean fingers :lol:. It's been a long war, and I've grown tried of fighting it.

I'm 27, and my pimples aren't as bad as they used to be, in fact I don't have any except for small ones, and I don't mind those. Its mostly painful cysts appearing here and there now. My back's a big mess, full of cysts coming in doubles every 4 days. Haven't noticed any recently, probably because I made a real effort to thoroughly clean my back with mild soap a few days ago. But I've no doubt it'll come back. My nose, and the area surrounding it is covered in pits, secreting solidified sebum. Not very sightly, but thankfully clear of zits.

I went to a dermatologist last year, and I tried to explain my situation to him. Unfortunately he didn't buy it, says my skin looks alright (only because of my routine of having to wash my face before I went out everytime). So he gave me what looks like moisturizer for clearing my nose. It worked really great, tried pushing out the solidified sebum, but nothing came out :). It was then that I realized that no matter what topical treatment I did, it'll never treat or cure the main problem I had, oily skin, really oily skin, I mean enough to fry chicken wings in.

So I began reading the net looking for anything I could find. Accutane was out, as I didn't want to part with my cash trying to convince my dermatologist, and I wasn't all that comfortable with the possible side effects either. After a whole load of fruitless searching, I stumbled across this site, and about vitamin B5. So I began lurking, trying to find as much as I could about it. After weeks of thinking about it, I've decided to take the plunge. I'm not going to raise my hopes too much, because chances are it probably might not work for me, or if it does, possibly only for a few months.

I don't live in the US, so I'll have to search around for a reliable source. And when I do, I'll start the daily updates thing. Thank you all :).

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Guest chipmunk_spunk

Bob, is my favourite name.

Ever since watching Blackadder the second :)

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*Does the traditional "Welcome" belly dance*

ooooooooo link me 2 a video of you on youtube or something :D

hehehehe like mandys vid of her singing lol

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