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Accutane users: What to use for dark upper lip hair?

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It's a bit embarassing, but I have *somewhat* dark hair on my upper lip. I usually bleach it once a month, as it really isn't that bad that I would have to wax.

I bleached it before I began my accutane treatment, but am a little worried now that I am progressing into my treatment, that if its not ok to wax, then its probably not ok to bleach. I remember that when I was on Retin A, I would have to wait a couple days since my last use of it to be able to bleach without a "blistering" effect.

If I can't bleach, what should I do? I don't want to pluck, or should I? I don't want to have to pluck from now on. I am really in a pickle! Help!

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In short don't do it. I have never used Accutane but a quick Google search returned several sties with dos and don'ts. Several of the hair bleach sites clearly stated not to use it with Accutaine and the Accutaine sites said not to wax or pluck while using Accutaine. I would suggest that you disscuss alternatives with your prescriber.

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Dang, not even pluck my eyebrows? I have to though! This is gonna be a long 5 months. Thanks for the info!

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