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As I was taking courses this semester involving chemistry, we were in the section about pHs and I thought that there was a possible correlation between acne and your skin pH. I did a quick search online and collected some result and I put them in a post on my blog you can read, it's titled Acne: a question of pH

Basically, I state that the skin needs to be acid in order to prevent acne vulgaris procreation so soap with non controled pH are to avoid at all cost as they'll help to create a good environment for the bacteria to develop.

You can read more about my experiment with salicylic acid there if you're interested.

I'd like to hear your comments about this idea.

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i had a similar theory...but it involved sweat and sebum. i was thinking of using the pH strips to test sebum samples from myself (breakout prone) and my sister (nearly flawless), as well as samples of sweat, and try to make a connection. its hard to get sebum from her though, because the BYTCH doesn't have any.

of course, how could acne be a result of wack sebum? regardless of the pH, blackheads and whiteheads would still form. for THIS reason, i developed a new theory regarding the content and thickness of sebum being produced in the body. even if the bacteria were unable to grow, the pores would still be clogged, right?

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PH definitely plays a role in acne formation. Many experts agree that the skin's acid mantle is critical in protecting the skin. When it is disrupted, it can lead to skin problems including breakouts.

The acid mantle is easily disturbed such as washing with a cleanser that is too alkaline, using water that is too hot, etc. Some skin care lines carry a toner to be used after cleansing in an attempt to restore the skin's PH, however some experts say this single step may not be sufficient in re-establishing the skin's acid mantle.

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Nice Dark Maniak! I'm trying to restore my skin's natural barrier. I did a lot of damage to it. :(

I ordered a cleanser from Diana Yvonne. It has a pH balance of 5.5 and at the moment, because I haven't looked into pH & the skin that much [which I really, really should :shifty:], I'm taking their word that it won't damage my skin. The ingredients in the cleanser seem wonderful too. No harsh irritants and chemicals.

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Maintaining an acidic pH is the concept behind the Sebamed line of products. These products have been around for awhile but unfortunately I never knew about them.

I have been maintaining an acidic pH on my face by using Sebamed Baby Wash and a sulfur gel product and have noted a dramatic difference in my skin.

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