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Why is my face so oily on the CSR? I don't understand. I get oily 30 mins after I apply the moisturizer (Purpose) could it be the sunscreen in the moisturizer? I just started taking B5 vitamins today to see if that will help control my oil. And I'm using the CSR while taking the b5. I am washing with with purpose gentle soap at night (i dont really like it but it gets my make up off) and cetaphil in the morning. Then I'm using Dan's BP, then purpose moisturizer and im waiting 10 mins in between. It is like my face is oily but my skin is flaky. I don't know what to do....Im doing everything right. Maybe the B5 will help!?

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Most likely it's due to the fact your skin is dry because of the BP so your skin goes into to overdrive and produces more oil to compensate. Believe it or not if you moisturize more it will balance out your skin and it will stop pumping out so much oil.

Good luck.


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It's tough to find the proper balance of moisturization for the CSR, so it's something you'll have to experiment with. You mentioned the sun protection in your moisturizer, and to answer your question: yes, SPF can cause a shiny/oily feeling. To reduce shine try blotting your face with brown paper towel or oil-blotting sheets.

As for the flaking, you should really try a moisturizer with an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, commonly referred to as AHA. Lactic acid and glycolic acid are the two most common cosmetic AHAs. Neutrogena has a moisturizer out called Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion (quite the mouthful!) which should do the trick.

One thing to keep in mind is that if your skin is oily but flaking, it's not that it's dry it's that it's "shedding" the skin too quickly. AHAs may help this, but overuse will cause your face to dry out. That's sort of what I'm talking about when I say finding the right balance. When your skin is moist but flaky, AHAs are the key, when it's actually dry, a simple moisturizer such as Cetaphil will work best.

If you have any other questions, just ask :)

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