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Now anyone who has tried and tested products knows how effective 2.5 benz is. For me it pactically cured my acne. today people use the 2.5 benz after using a toner. I have invented (sort of) a new toner great at removing oil and cleaning pores. For me it works better than the acids (glycolic or salylic) and dries your skin less. here is how to make it. estimated cost 8$ for a 6 month supply

First buy a bottle of witch hazel from the pharmacy (3$-4$) should contain 14% Alcohol

Now buy epsom salt in a relatively small quantity (you can get like 4 pounds for 4$ but that is much more than you need


Pour out 20% of the witch hazel and pour a cup of epsom salt into the bottle of witch hazel

do not worry about putting in to much epsom salt since the witch hazel can only dissolve a certain amount. If you add too much the excess salt will not dissolve and remain at the bottom of the bottle (not a problem at all since you want the witch hazel to reach its saturation point)

Cost that I am asking for the information is just to let me know it is works for you. It works great for me but everyone is different and there are many different types of acne cases.

Also I follow with 2.5% benzyl cream (proactive or any of the knockoff will be fine)

Good luck

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