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Hi guys i was wondering if anyone out there could give me some advice.

I have scars on my face for which i've tried a few things:

microdermabrasion - didn't clear any scars, just made my face look clean & shiny

glycolic acid 30,40 & 50% - again didn't get rid of any scars.

I then browsed these forums and read up on needling, it sounded too simple and too good to be true.

Anyway i did one session a week ago and the results so far have been impressive.

I've seen a good improvement in most the scars on my face.

Anyway, i have two questions,

the first is how long do you wait between needling sessions, i've read anything from 2 weeks to 2 months, i'm hoping somone can give me a definitive answer cos i can't wait to do my next session

The second question is, has anyone out there been having needling sessions for like a year consistently if so what improvements have you seen? have the scars all but dissappeared ? please let me know if you can, cheers

many thanks in advance


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From what I hear one month wait time is adequate. There are a few success threads floating around if you search for them.

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I had a question about needling too if anyone could answer it....Is it alright to needle on good skin? would it have a revitalizing type effect? anyone know?


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