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Anyone else find it is hard to fit in

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Seems like whenever I hang out with people it's hard to get involved in conversation or be

happy for that matter because I'm more conserned with my skin. I tend to like to be alone

at home, but I do go out a lot with friends- just always seems like I'm the quiet one who

doesn't really fit in. I don't have as many stories and experiences to share with other people

in conversation because the past few years have been so miserable. Anyone else kind of feel

the same way? Perhaps we can talk about it and come up with solutions.

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I used to go out a lot, the stopped because i felt out of place and would rather not be seen. Now i don't really care if im with my friends and i am ou tmost the time but i still dont like going out alone for some reason, i seem to care again then.

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I kinda know what you mean, that bubble feeling.....standing on the outside and looking in. Just tagging along, feeling almost invisible. I used to be like that a while back.....I'm really not sure if it was due to acne, or I just didn't "fit in" with my friends. When I say, "fit in" I was always the oddball/different one....they accepted me somewhat, but not totally.

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Guest money_mike

I feel like that a lot. But to be honest my friends never talk about any thing interesting, just sex and girls and getting drunk.

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yeh, its a problem, the bubble effect, is crazy.

i get it more when i am in uni and walking around etc, i feel like i can't even talk

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me too.....not necessarily because of my skin though. i've always been introvered. but acne has DEFINTELY made me feel more like an outsider. i just find it hard to talk to people who just don't understand where i'm coming from.

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