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i dont have servere acne on my face but i often get it around my hair line and stuff i heard its do to wearing hats too much sometime, but ive notice that everytime i wash my face my acne flares up everywhere and when i dont wash my face for like maybe 2 days it starts to go away, shouldnt it be the other way around i dont understand it because i am a clean person and i like to take baths and so on and the one or 2 times i dont take a bath in a day or 2 my acne goes away? whats up with it?

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Well i kinda of had a smiliar problem. I would get little pimples on more forehead. I do wear hats because I play baseball, but I would suggest you to use the Neutrogena Acne washing soap and Neutrogenas Benzoyl, its a great combination that may work.

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if you are getting it around your hairline, chances are you have a mild case of some sort of folliculitis, i cant remember the full name.

Use head and shoulders shampoo, and be sure to lather on your forehead as well, let it sit on your face for at least 45 seconds and wash it off completely. Make sure you get the head and shoulders without conditioner.

if you dont see any good results, try head and shoulders intensive care, its got a different chemical in it but its more effective against it.

I know people who just get acne on thier forehead, and after they used head and shoulders it got rid of it right away.

It could also be caused by your hair irritating your skin, so if you have long hair pull it back, and dont wear hats.

It could also be caused by over sun exposure, because your forehead gets the most sun exposure.

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