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Im new here by the way, i have had ACNE from when i was about 11 or 12. It started off with the odd breakouts and small things that never eally bothered me. Then got bit worse when i was about late 12/13 until i was about 14 when i had many large cysts (i think they were) and being in a school full of people i was often banging them and they would leak blood and puss for up to an hour and quite a lot of it.

I was refered to the hospital (dermotology) and i was given steroids to prevent the medicine from making it any worse and some medicine to stop inflamations, cant remember what but it does not really matter (it was severe) i think it was which pretty much stopped any major inflamations and any major breakouts. Ever since he told me i will probably have these large scars on both cheeks for the rest of my life i just randomly go depressed because of that thought. ACNE never bothered me up until that point because i always thought itll go soon, now i think it won't.

I can be really happy one minute and one thing happens which reminds me and it just upsets me, there are a few reasons why:

-I used to be quite good looking before ACNE, and now i have to live with large marks forever

-Getting quite sick of finding girls that only go for looks, i get my hopes up and then when they dont like me i automatically blame it on ACNE and everytime it just lowers me more and more. People are always saying most people dont care for looks, out of like 5years i have only spoke to one girl who actualy thought like that and she is my ex now after she moved away.

-When i look at pictures of me with my friends etc.

I have a lot of good friends who dont care about my ACNE and support me all the way which i am thankful for but its more what i think of myself than what other people think of me, i have never really cared to much what people say/think.

Sorry for the lecture there ill get to the point now

I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and putting myself down, and i would love be able to go out without thinking how ugly i look and get my confidence back. Im not sure if it is linked with the ACNE but ever since it has started to bother me phycologically my grades have slipped i have totally changed. I just took my end of high school exams GCSE's and i think i have done badly but i dont really care for education anymore.

So i am wondering has anybody got any tips to help boost my morale again?

Thanks in advance,


I need to stop feeling sorry for myself

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I am a fellow scar sufferer, so I know how it is. You should try to be confident and enjoy life as much as you possibly can.

But....acne scars have been proven to be very psychologically painful for everyone who suffers. There are articles that describe facial scars as being more traumatic for men than women (b/c men can't hide them)...

So the scars must be treated. I wouldn't suggest lasers or dermal fillers however because these are not going to truly solve your problem. Lasers cause too much injury unless you go with Fraxel which is minimally invasive. To improve scars past the 50% mark you must be on the strongest topical retinoid possible along with glycolic acid products. You need to massage the scars daily. I've improved minor scars 100% with this method and absolutely SEVERE acne scars 85%. It can take a few months to see results. But they say with laser it could take 6 months to see results and it costs like 3000 dollars or so. Just massage your scars for like 1 minute after showering in the comfort of your own home twice daily and you will see the depressed scars fill in as massaging boosts collagen formation within the scar. Just ask your dermatologist, massaging scars is the best way to even them out without further injury to your skin. Just massage in a gentle, yet firm manner for 1-2 minutes. It will take a few months to see them become more level, BUT if you use Tazorac 0.1% gel twice daily along with a glycolic acid toner this will speed things up a lot!

The only problem is Tazorac truly sucks to use...it irritates your skin, so you will need to be on moisturizer. But, if you have scars, it's better to pay now and use the Tazorac and play later rather than have the depressed scars your whole life....

Hope this helps. It will take a few months to see results..

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