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exercise has helped my acne

i believe even more than eating well, EXERCISE is a great way to fend off acne.

it has taken 3 months to see the results, but exercise has been the greatest acne medicane! And it can be free!

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I can't agree more. Some people can't get over the fact that sweat can cause small breakouts... IF you let it stay on your face long enough to dry. This little fear kept me from exercising hardcore for months but after I started back up I remembered what I was missing. Exercise helps your skin in a million different ways, from increasing circulation to killing stress to helping fend off depressing and helping you sleep better to helping your body better use the energy from your food and combat against problems with high glycemic food, and from sweating out toxins and making your body detoxify faster there's a million reasons to do it! Atleast 30 minutes a day of some type of exercise should be required. I'm talking aerobic for the most part by the way, I like to do brisk walks, bike riding and skateboard personally.

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Yeh of course it helps

Our body demands excersise. Its only been recent that man kind has become sloths (physically).

I dont know if its helped my acne, but my face is nice and smooth after a good sweat. As well, I feel much better and have more confidence.

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