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How does this sound?

For acne and scarring on face, shoulders, back....



minocycline tablet

evoclin on all areas

Nature's cure tablet

men's multivitamin

drink water




minocycline tablet

nature's cure tablet

neutragena pore refining toner (alpha/beta hydroxy) on all areas

I started this on the first of may, and now more than halfway i'm seeing some improvement on the back. still getting new pimples, but the majority seem to be subsiding. a few weeks after starting my face started breaking out- redness and small pimples. Which is strange because I've never really had a problem with my face before. I started doing the toner thing because of this, and I figured I may as well experiment and see if it improves discoloration from scares. I read that nature's cure helps balance out hormones and since my acne seems to worsen with stress (and when i'm thinking about my skin) i figured i'd try that too. It's possible that the new face stuff is caused the body adjusting to the supplements.

What do you think? Anyone on the same things?

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Haven't tried any of those things, but it sounds like you are on the right track: a topical, antibiotic, and supplement.

Can you tell us more about your acne history, current age, type of acne etc. in your log?

Keep us posted. :D

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Yeah, what kind of a crappy web log is this? Well I guess I posted in a hurry.

Male, 22. Type of acne? I don't know. the acne is not tough, but its numbers are many. I get patches of redness and small pimples and they take up residence, die out then leave a light brown discoloration. It's awesome. now my back is alllllll spotted. Soon, soon i'll get up the nerve to run w/o the shirt on and get that sun that does me so good. I know for a lot of people the tanning has negative effects, but for me I always look pretty good in the summer and then for the rest of the cold dark year my skin goes downhill.

In high school I tried a retin-a, benzoyl peroxide, and antibiotic regimen, but gave up after a couple months- probably because those creams are nasty and take a long time to apply/dry. Plus it was a 12% benzoyl and dried up and burned like crazy. Up until this point I kind of gave up on my skin- thinking, like an idiot, that i would suddenly grow out of it.

I took some pics in May when i started this new treatment. I guess I'll post when I can.

If anyone has done the antibiotic thing before, how much does drinking milk actually affect it? And... taking the pills with a meal versus an empty stomach (for complete absorbtion)? I had disregarded this advice, but now I'm thinking there's somethin' to it.

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[attachmentid=4946] [attachmentid=4947]

I'm not a huge fan of my skin. It's very interesting how things evolve - in some areas better than others. My upper back seems to be making progress, but the lower is not so great.

Kids, don't wait to take care of your body. Or to see a dermatologist. Yeah, they're insensitive a-holes and they don't have time for you. And mine even had me taking that evoclin twice a day (their whole marketing campaign is that it is a once/day medicine). Cost me $60 it shouldn't have (his office rewrote my dosage to "once/day" and "apply sparingly"). But....

I guess there's nothing more to say here. Drugs are fun.

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