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Drinking lots of water

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drinking too much water can be really bad for you, worse than not drinking any water at all.

it's recommended to drink 8, 8-ounce glasses of water a day.

Yeah and I had WAY too much yesterday. :\ Oh well...

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I had like 130 something ounces of water today. WAAY too much, I'd say. lol. Tomorrow I'm definetly going to only have 8 glasses of water. lol.

How can you drink that much? Did you had any physical activities? 130 oz would be like 16 big glasses of water which would be taken approximately each hours (16 awaken hours, 8 sleeping hours = 24 hours)

Like Weee mentionned, it's dangerous to drink too much water as it can lead to low sodium which would possibly lead to coma or even death. Go check out for more about hper hydratation on wikipediaL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperhydration

What kind of water do you drink? tap? I drink aquafina flavored water.. I wonder, since it's flavored.. if it has any ... post effect to my facial health.

Doesn't really matter. You just pay for your water.

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LOL, yeah you can drink too much water! You can actually die from drinking too much water. Yes, this is obviously on the extreme side of things.. but too much water isn't good for the kidneys! Everything is better in moderation- even when it comes to drinking tons of water.

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